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Our story


Our Story

Since 2014

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

- George Bernard Shaw

We started our journey as a company in 2014 with a commitment to bring a new outlook to the catering industry. We founded our company on the principles of Honesty, Precision, Transparency & ensuring highest level of Customer satisfaction.

Royale Catering Co. is brain child of founder and creator of the group Mr. Shalin Desai. Royale Catering Co. sets a major precedent and influence on other caterers and event planners in Ahmedabad. Royale Catering Co. is a dynamic leader in the quality food business and is recognized for its original ideas and excellence, a result of strategic vision and the dedication to want to be at the forefront of innovation. The point of difference is the company’s understanding of national and international cuisine and curating according to the clients requirements.

The company is dedicated on creative and culinary concepts of the highest quality. Our Specialization contains variety of international cuisine which we bring to you in your platter.

Royale Catering Co. services are as broad as its attitude – with absolutely no compromise on quality, at any time. Amongst the qualities that set Royale Catering Co. apart is the company’s ability to deliver identical levels of delicious quality food and service to every event, no matter how big or small. These services have extended across Ahmedabad and surroundings.

Let us Change the way you eat. Let us bring the change the way we think food. Let us serve you a little happiness in your plate. Bon appetite!!!

Our approach


Here at Royal Catering Co we work with only the best food suppliers like small family farms, insuring that we always have the best and always fresh ingredients. You’ll find a large variety of dishes made to satisfy any taste including Swaminarayan and Jain Catering.



Indoor & outdoor dining area

ENJOYABLE & comfortable

ENJOYABLE & comfortable


Natural surrounding

Our food reflects our commitment towards exceptional quality. All the meals are prepared under the guidance of highly regarded chefs from the industry and all the events are performed under the guidance of our founder himself. At Royale, we prepare food with a passion for perfection, and we assure you that your guests will be raving about the wonderful food they have experienced for the days to come. New dishes and packages are regularly updated. We serve traditional, elegant fare, with a contemporary flair!

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